Second Draft Uploaded

The second draft of the main document is now online!  This version is revised in a whole host of small ways throughout; the introduction, culture creation section, and parts of history-making got the brunt of the attention, while Kiths got only small edits.  On the whole, the 'board-gamey' uses of the map are much clarified, further questions are inserted throughout, and there's just *more* culture creation.

This new draft references record spaces for polities and leagues, which haven't yet been uploaded; those will be added to the record sheets fairly soon.

The draft also references a language document that's currently a big mess; that's coming as well, but not necessarily shortly; it's a pretty dense pile of clerical work, which means it's getting done in very small bursts (though it IS getting done, so hey).


Awen 5 - Draft 2.pdf 5 MB
Dec 31, 2021
Cult And Culture Sheets 15 kB
Dec 01, 2021

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(Aaaaaaand, had a minute to put the record sheets in order, so now those are up, too)