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This is a fantastic collection of tools!

I do have a question, though. On page 3 it states:

At the end of this book, the final section is a discussion on how to string together situations and nest them inside one another, developing a campaign from them.

However, I don't see anything like that in the PDF which ends with the Open Folio and the License.

Any chance there's an update coming to provide the discussion mentioned above? It sounds like it would be a really useful section, and I'm curious to see your ideas on how to combine various situations together.

Oh, bother.

Yeah, that's a reference to a chapter that never got out of draft, (it's still bubbling on the back burner, but didn't cook up for this version).

It may well appear eventually, but...   Yeah.

Thanks for the reply!

Your ideas are great, so I look forward to reading the chapter if you ever get it finished.


Just to let you know : someone did Harm and Complications, which remind me of Stakes for Schema / RPG.

Keep up the steady work!