Now a series of four games.

The playtest document has been updated to include full rules for the following:

1. Battle School, an Onitama variant using the Baronial tiles in place of Onitama cards.

2. Baronial Skirmish, a variant of The Duke again using the included tiles in place of Duke tiles.

3. Courtyard Baronial (the game originally included, with minor edits).

4. Field Baronial, a full-sized chess variant using the tiles.

Also, four further tiles have been included, which can be used in several of these games.  The game "Fey Baronial" is mentioned, but not yet included (that'll be next update, most likely, and it's addition will probably complete the roster of games).


Baronial Alpha 2.pdf 107 kB
Jun 16, 2022

Get Baronial Tiles (Playtest)

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