Version 2

The rulebook and character sheet for Query Six have been updated, with improvements to rules, layout, and...   Basically everything.  It's also 30 pages now, and includes the Witchery compatibility material.

The character sheet has been updated to match these changes, and a new "Quick reference" for making rolls has been uploaded as a seperate file.


Query Six (Version 2) 980 kB
Apr 11, 2022
Query Six Character Record 22 kB
Apr 11, 2022
Query Six Quick Reference 40 kB
Apr 11, 2022

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Version 2 looks cleaner, and I like the added options

Thanks!  I'm still tinkering on Treasure/Gear (the version given has all the right *pieces*, but it feels a touch... muddled in presentation?), and I'm messing with making a form for setting summaries, but otherwise I feel like it's ready to roll.

What about a TOC at the beginning?

Fair; it has gotten fat enough to use one...