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Would you like to type a flying ship?   This is a font for that!

The two files given here are a font that allows you to make everything show below (and an absurd amount beyond that), and a "Glyph Guide", which explains how to go about doing so.  

The Glyph Guide is strongly recommended for messing with this font; the way that characters stack on top of each other means that it's easy to get an incoherent mess until you've got the stacking method sorted out.

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AuthorLevi Kornelsen


Aetherships Glyph Guide.pdf 1 MB
aetherships.ttf 30 kB

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I love everything about this and the 5 stars I dropped on this font are well earned!



You know, it's crossed my mind to make or use a naval wargame or somesuch. I think I even have one around somewhere that is about skyships. I might use this for that.

Nice!  If you do, ping me about it!