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Fundamentals Of Tabletop Roleplaying is just what it says on the tin - a run-through of what happens in a tabletop roleplaying game.  It includes:

  • A clear description of the very basics of back & forth narration.
  • A breakdown of the parts of a game: The basic practices, setting, premise, character, situation, and rules engine.
  • Quick notes on setting up for play.
  • Starting guidelines on creating and presenting fictional situations.
  • Advice for everyone on getting a good game.
  • An introduction to safety tools - what they are and why you want them.

Fundamentals is something for experienced tabletop gamers to review from time to time, and a carefully considered what is roleplaying?" to direct new hobby entrants to, as a good first place to start.


Fundamentals of Tabletop Roleplaying is released under both an informal "Unlicense" for re-use as well as under the Creative Commons Attribution License [CC-BY International, 4.0].

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