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The eldritch apocalypse is here!

Infected is a 264-page all-in-one book presenting an apocalypse where the rising of the shambling dead is only the beginning of your problems.  

The contagion does not merely animate the dead; it remakes them into designs posed by some inhuman intelligence.  It transforms living flesh into alien forms, creating the changed.  It obeys instructions that can only be described as sorcerous.  It is subject to scientific examination, and provides grotesque materials for disturbing new advancements.  And as it comes to be understood, it also comes to make a terrible sort of sense.

Inside you'll find:

  • Introductory fiction, in the form of in-setting radio calls, which can be passed directly to players as in-character information.
  • An engine for action that pushes for tough choices; will the characters seize the moment, or work cautiously and carefully?
  • Character archetypes to help players get into play quickly and effortlessly. 
  • A timeline of the apocalypse to come, with further changes and threats at each step.
  • Easy situation-building methods to prep and track enclaves to live in and negotiate with, set up infested sites to delve into, and other action characters are likely to get drawn into.
  • Rules for sorcery, research, strange science, and more.
  • A catalogue of monstrosities, each with it's own place in creating the eldritch ecosystem being forged.

Also available to download here:

  • A clean, printer-friendly character sheet.
  • A stakes sheet, for making those tricky decisions tactile on the tabletop.
  • An enclave record, for tracking useful details of survivor holdings.
  • A bundle of fiction PDFs taken from the 'riff' the setting originated with.

What will you make of the eldritch apocalypse?   

What will it make of you?

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorLevi Kornelsen


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Infected - Revised Rulebook.pdf 11 MB
Infected_-_Character_Sheet.pdf 65 kB
Infected_-_Enclave_Sheets.pdf 130 kB
Infected_-_Stakes_Sheet.pdf 55 kB
Infected_Fiction_1_-_218.pdf 579 kB
Infected_Fiction_2_-_Roil.pdf 510 kB
Infected_Fiction_3_-_You_Start_With_Yourself.pdf 597 kB

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