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Mechanisms For Tabletop Roleplaying is a compilation of five articles for refining your rules.  The articles are:

  1. The Countdown Stack is basic advice on using token stacks as timers in your play. 
  2. Temptation Dice gives an easy method for handling extra effort, temptation by dark forces, and other interesting pieces.
  3. Action Scenery lays out seven options for high action using set pieces.
  4. The Wrath Count is a simple tracking method for “aggro” in your game.
  5. Escalated changes your whole game into a vicious soap opera.

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I love these. All of these mechanics are really interesting, and I got a couple favourites too!

I do have an issue with Escalated. I live the concept, but the two last items, “abuse” and “murderous” are incredibly uncomfortable. I would certain revisit the choice of words there because those as well as the tone.

Really great job on thiese mechanics! Can’t wait to see more!

Thanks!  They're certainly a fun grab-bag of add-ons.

On the Escalated thing...   Will need to think on that one.  Part of the rationale for naming them that way was as a warning - that these things can get hella dark if you follow them to their ends, and making players aware of this out the gate is helpful.  Being ambushed by where that mechanic is taking you seems potentially much worse to me than going "Oh, ew, not for me at all".

I'm working on my first DM campaign and these all look so great and helpful. Clear, concise, not trying to steer into an ideal but providing some guidance. Thank you so much for making these.