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This is a mini-supplement for Infected, giving further ways that those who have been changed by infection might be altered.  These further alterations are grouped into talent trees, each of which progresses from one or more of the original changed talents:

  • The Handler, building from carrion lord into the ability to control and reshape a huge horror or mangled, mingled flesh.
  • The Maw, building from rotgut into the ability to inhale infectious roil and vomit forth you own miasmic cloud that acts as you will it to.
  • The Synapse, building from whispers into the ability to hear and broadcast radio and video, siphon electricity and discharge it.
  • The Beast, building from weapons and armour into self-transformation into a massively armoured, swift-moving creature that can bear heavy loads (or even a rider).

In addition to these existing talent trees, an assortment of "spare parts" are given so the Guide can modify these talent trees and create more as befits the local situation.

Finally, some further rules are given for how a changed character might accept a progressive transformation so that infection carries them to that goal much less dangerously.

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