Situations Update: 2022a

I've combined Situations for Tabletop Roleplaying 1 and 2 into a single book, revised a number of references, notes and examples that were clumsily done or starting to feel dated, and redone the layout to bring it toward alignment with Fundamentals, Awen, and Schema.

Like Fundamentals, another sweep through to replace the "Inkblot" art with "Calligraphy" art will be needed before it's fully printer-friendly, but it's getting much closer.


Situations - Main Book -2022a.pdf 2 MB
Jan 15, 2022
Situations - Record Sheets - 2022a.pdf 54 kB
Jan 15, 2022

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Hi Levi, I enjoy your work and was following a thread/credit to Mechanisms for Tabletop Roleplaying 2. I'd like to read that book, but doesn't seem available anywhere (DTRPG, itch, etc). Are these works (Mechanisms 1 + 2) available elsewhere, or maybe the text has been incorporated into other supplements you've written on Itch?

Thanks, Jeremy

They're in an older, messier layout, so I have them hidden, but I'll turn the links on so you can grab 'em:

Thank you so much! I have downloaded them and will be happy to read.