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The Soothsayer's Deck is an oracle deck of 36 cards constructed specifically to provide interesting twists on actions, for tabletop roleplaying.  It can be used as the central device for resolving action, as an augment to add on top of another game (especially diceless games like Amber and the like), for GM prompts, or even as an in-game device, as you like.

For an example of the deck as a resolution method (and a pretty good game in and of itself), the game Saints of the Empty Throne uses the Soothsayer's Deck for resolution.

Give it a shuffle:

The forms it's available in:

  • A set of print-and-play sheets; run them off on your printer, cut out, and sleeve them in card protectors for an immediately usable deck.
  • A one-page d66 table with the same art and text as the deck; two versions are given (a nice backdrop one and a printer-friendlier one).
  • The generator above, made on Perchance, can also be viewed on the main perchance site HERE.   Like other Perchance generators, it can be embedded into any website allowing HTML.
  • For users of Roll20, the Development Kit includes notes on how to set up the Sooth Deck inside of that VTT, as well as all the required card images.
  • POD cards are currently available from DrivethruRPG (who give a decent turnaround and ship well to the US).

Here's the d66 table in image form:

The Soothsayer's notes (in the files) give an overview of the anticipated usage the cards were designed towards and some things you may want to consider as you use them.

Also available to download is a development kit, which includes the text and titles of the cards under a Creative Commons Zero license, and the art and pictures of all cards under CC-BY 4.0. This is meant as an open invitation; you not only can create using this deck and it's components, I actively hope you do, and would be happy to share along what you make if you tell me about it!

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