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The deck of rules is a collection of mechanisms, many of them cut and adapted from existing games, with a few original bits here and there. These mechanisms have been sorted into six categories: 

1. Resolution: Basic methods for rolling dice, playing cards, or the like to generate 'hits' that are then used with...

 2. Stakes: Ways to apply the 'hits' generates by resolution and turn them into actual fictional results.

 3. Stats: Some ways to set up core numbers that represent capabilities for the player character. 

4. Bonuses: Additional bits the player might call on to improve their chances in resolution. 

5. Tracking: Pools of points, things to count, spend, and regain. 

6. Extras: Other rules that don't fit in any of the above categories


The deck of rules is intended to have a few uses:

1. Rapid Prototyping: Whether you want to pile the elements in the deck together to make a quick game, or take that one neat mechanic you've got and add enough stuff around it to bring it up to playability, the deck can give you the basic materials to get moving quickly, with refinements to be added as you go along.

2. Bits Boxing: When you want to adjust an existing game, whether your own design or someone else's, it's often handy to have a bunch of "spare parts" available to shuffle through.  Even if you don't find that exact thing you need, it gets the brain moving. 

3. Idle Tinkering: Messing around with the deck options, combining them and pulling them apart again, looking for something that might be worth expanding on, is simply amusing in itself.

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