Deck Of Rules 2022a

While it's only a few days since I put this up, I realized I could improve it pretty heavily pretty quickly, so I did, with a bunch of help from the Twitter hive mind. 


- A bunch of revisions that improve readability and utility

- A new introduction page that goes over some ideas for rapid prototyping and adjusting things.

- 40 more cards, taking the count from 36 to 76, and more than doubling the total content.


Deck Of Rules - 2022a.pdf 222 kB
Jan 27, 2022

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oh this is lovely 😊 I will try using it 

What's the license?

There's no real cause that I can tell.  Mechanics themselves can't be copyrighted, only the specific expression of them. 

And if you're using these mechanics in a game and publishing it, I would strongly expect you'd be rewriting the text at least a little when you integrated all the pieces, which takes you right past that.

So there doesn't seem to be a reason for one.


thanks for the follow up. Perhaps a better question would have been, how would you like to be attributed? ;)



The ultimate version is, like "Some mechanics inspired by the Deck Of Rules, by Levi Kornelsen [link]", but any portion of that is still lovely.


Also, why?  You got a thing?