Deck Of Rules, Minor Update

Minor Update to the deck, largely to strengthen up the resolution methods.  Changes:

  • Removed R-P-S x3; coin flip and fudge dice already fill that space, honestly.
  • Added "Matchless", which is d6s, easy to get a hit, but with push-your-luck as you keep going.
  • Replaced "Bad Caltrop" with "Caltrop Plus", to make it 1d4+S+B vs. Difficulty.
  • Renamed Pull x3 to Bead Pull, since the name was just...   Incorrect?
  • Also revised a couple word in the Aether tracker to make it clear that a gathered-up pool should have a time limit.

Additionally, for those interested in getting the deck in print, layout in print format has been done and a proof ordered, so that's happening too; it'll likely be available from DrivethruRPG by the end of the month.

If you have any feedback or notes towards further improvements that could be made, I'm certainly listening!


Deck Of Rules - 2022b.pdf 12 MB
Feb 04, 2022

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