Schema: Development Roadmap

Schema remains in development - this is in a fairly relaxed, prolonged way, with spikes of activity now and again.  Given the scattering of the community it grew inside (my Google+ circles, back when that was a thing), I feel like I should go over the direction of the future development that's planned for it.

The main planned changes are:

  • Clean up the older supplemental material (Witchcraft for Schema was written for the first iteration of the system), and bring it over.
  • Add new traits of existing types (most especially feats, some possibly converted back over from Skinchanger powers)
  • Add a few new types of traits (Drives, Auras, Clades, and Trouble)
  • Add group-created Conditions and Effect rules translated from some older material, and write out the option for Approaches as used in Skinchangers for general use.
  • Convert Shamblington, a fairy-tale setting I've had around for a while, to being a Schema showcase.

Most of these will just be uploaded to the Schema file list as additional files you can grab. 

Assuming all of these additions go decently as individual files, it's likely that they'll all get locked up together and brought into the main rules at some point, to create a third Iteration - and it's looking like the cards will most likely get pushed out in favor of the control sheet system whenever that finally happens.  But that's a long ways down the road.

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Looking forward to what you have in the works here!