A few more edits and additions

Found a few more edits in the book, fixed them, and added a couple of new pages.  Changelog:

  • Page 13: Editing in the second half; language reference an old 'build'.
  • Page 16: This is an entirely new page on fill-in-blank skills; the previous page 16 is moved to later (see below).
  • Pages 17 + 19: Options and minor rules paragraphs tagged on at end of page.
  • Pages 34 - 39: Examples edited to take out the "well-equipped" references (old build; that's an optional rule)
  • Pages 56-59: Additional "Delver" character creation added, if you want to get strength/dexterity/constitutiony about it.

A delver-style character sheet has also been uploaded.


Schema 7 - Rulebook.pdf 4 MB
Oct 21, 2021

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